Any reporters out there still studying Pope Francis?

Any reporters out there still studying Pope Francis?.


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  • Catholic beat memo: Ongoing questions linger on who knew what and when regarding McCarrick
    In a world where technology has forced the news cycle to speed up, the constantly-changing developments that have engulfed the Catholic church since last summer have required readers (and those on the religion beat) to wade through large amounts of information filtering through social media feeds. Lost in all the news barrage sometimes are pieces that make y […]
  • What's wrong in Baltimore? You can't tell that story without listening to pastors and their people
    If you lived in or near Baltimore during the spring and early summer of 2015 then you were affected, one way or another, by the waves of urban violence that shook the city. This tragedy was impossible to ignore. It was more than images on the evening news. You could stand in your yard and see the smoke over the neighborhoods east and west of downtown. One ni […]
  • Ubiquitous Shen Yun ads spin off Twitter memes and profiles on Falun Gong
    If it’s spring it must be time to see Shen Yun, the mysterious Chinese dance troupe that charges a small fortune for its performances in top culture venues around the country. Their ads are so widespread, there’s a Twitter discussion about how their billboards can be found even on Mars. Few people know that Shen Yun represents a quasi-Buddhist group known as […]
  • Secretary of State Pompeo's invitation-only briefing with 'faith-based media' causes a stir
    On Monday, I got an email inviting me to join an “on-the-record conference call” with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The message, sent to my Christian Chronicle address, indicated that Pompeo would discuss international religious freedom ahead of his trip to Jerusalem and the Middle East and take questions from call participants. Ordinarily, I might have RS […]
  • Accused Christchurch shooter: Young man defined by life on the computer and Medieval 'myths'
    It’s the kind of news story that has turned into a cliche, in the age of mass shootings. Yes, we are talking about Brenton Harrison Tarrant and the massacres in New Zealand. In the days after the hellish images on the Internet and then television, people close to the accused shooter — it’s almost always a young man — are interviewed and express shock. They u […]
  • Garry Wills on Thomas Merton: Longform writing and the space for faith to breathe
    “Shallow Calls to Shallow,” an essay by Garry Wills in the April edition of Harpers, is one example of an encouraging trend: longform magazine coverage that treats religion as worthy of reflection and an essential piece of the American cultural fabric. I find this trend encouraging as one who left the daily morning newspaper in Baton Rouge in 1989 and began […]
  • Via New York Times, a fair portrait of 'Doomsday Prophet Who Says the Bible Predicted Trump'
    Dominating Sunday’s Metropolitan cover of the New York Times, an in-depth piece by Sam Kestenbaum delved into — as the print edition put it — “Preaching the Gospel According to Trump.” Unfortunately, that yawner of a headline failed to rise to the level of the story. Kestenbaum’s nuanced, carefully crafted profile of New Jersey pastor Jonathan Cahn deserved […]
  • New York Times weighs in, offering one side of bitter disputes inside United Methodist Church
    If you’ve been following United Methodist Twitter, you know that this bitterly divided denomination has been in a behind-the-scenes uproar about a New York Times gotcha story that ran the other day. The headline: “ Improper Voting Discovered at Methodist Vote on Gay Clergy.” This is the rare case in which news consumers can find more information, and even a […]
  • Houston's drag queen story hour: KHOU tells us librarians let in a child molester. Who fought this?
    I last wrote about drag queens reading stories to kids at public libraries about six weeks ago and now the story has taken off. Someone –- we are not told who –- did some document digging as part of an ongoing campaign to stop drag queens from taking up space at the Houston Public Library and made an interesting discovery. KHOU TV, the CBS affiliate in Houst […]
  • Looking at this story internationally, what’s the status of modern church doctrines on gays?
    THE QUESTION:  Looked at internationally, what’s the status of churches’ policies on the same-sex issue in the wake of the United Methodists’ important decision on this February 26? THE RELIGION GUY’S ANSWER: You may have read that in late February the 12.6-million-member United Methodist Church held a special General Conference in St. Louis, seeking to sett […]
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