Religion and Spirituality

Religion and Spirituality.

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  • Faith struggles of young D.C. Catholic women? Washington Post says it's all 'politics'
    For millions of Roman Catholics, the world began changing in the 1980s — with waves of headlines about clergy sexual abuse cases that eventually led to reporter Jason Berry’s cathartic 1992 book “Lead Us Not Into Temptation: Catholic Priests and the Sexual Abuse of Children.” The National Catholic Reporter wrote article after article about the scandals. A cr […]
  • Monday Mix: Church vs. football, religion in schools, scandalized bishops, His (Islamic) Holiness
    Welcome to another edition of the Monday Mix, where we focus on headlines and insights you might have missed from the weekend and late in the week. The fine print: Just because we include a headline here doesn't mean we won't offer additional analysis in a different post, particularly if it's a major story. In fact, if you read a piece linked […]
  • R-rated 'Game of Thrones' is also grist for debates about a second 'R' -- religion
    Last week, the New York Times magazine produced a fawning piece about George R.R. Martin, fantasy’s “reigning king” because of his seminal “Game of Thrones” series, now at five (immense) books. I say “fawning” because the story was only on the series’ amazing success and not on the major problems Martin is having at finishing up his series. More on that in a […]
  • Lots of news stories linked to this one: Does modern science rule out religious faith?
    THE QUESTION above, in the headline, and current developments depicted below, involve skeptics’ long-running assertion that modern science makes religion outmoded and it should be discarded as irrational. Is faith still credible in our scientific age? How do devout scientists view this supposed “war” between science and religion? THE RELIGION GUY’S ANSWER: G […]
  • This weekend's think piece? It has to be Khashoggi defense of freedom of expression
    If you have spent much time studying human rights, you know that there wherever you find attacks on freedom of speech and freedom of conscience, you almost always find attacks on the freedom of religion. You just cannot pry these issues apart, in real life. Long ago — 1983, to be precise — Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu put it this way, during floor debates in […]
  • Friday Five: Hurricane Michael, 'Uncle Ted' McCarrick, Ed Stetzer, Trump evangelicals, WWJF
    Alabama’s “Roll On, Highway” seems like an appropriate theme song for this edition of the Friday Five. I spent a big part this week in an 18-wheeler working on a Christian Chronicle story about a Tennessee-based disaster relief ministry delivering emergency food boxes and supplies to victims of Hurricane Michael in Florida. Look for a hurricane-related faith […]
  • Oscar Romero coverage: Los Angeles Times shows it can get religion when it wants to
    I’ve often criticized the Los Angeles Times’ religion coverage –- or lack thereof -– but it was clear this past week in their stories about Sunday’s canonization of Saint Oscar Romero that the paper knows how to marshall resources for the religion beat when it wants to. It helps that there is an Oscar Romero Square in LA, not to mention a Romero art installa […]
  • NPR sort of dives into a case involving immigration, religious freedom and a vague faith
    Really, it’s a fascinating story — sort of. I’m talking about an NPR piece out today with the compelling title of “Deep In The Desert, A Case Pits Immigration Crackdown Against Religious Freedom.” Forgive my wishy-washiness, but the report has elements — such as its explanation of the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act and how it works — that deserve pra […]
  • Bitter news with roots 1,000 years old: Russian Orthodox Church cuts Istanbul ties
    Anyone who has studied the history of Orthodox Christianity knows the details of this story, as well as the arguments about its significance. As the first Christian millennium was drawing to a close, something big happened among the East Slavic and Finnic tribes of Europe. As always, the change involved economics, culture, military might and, last but not le […]
  • Will the 'God gap' persist on Nov. 6? What else should religion-news pros look for?
    Election Day 2018 culminates the universally proclaimed “year of the woman” in American politics. The media will be totaling up victors among the unprecedented number of female candidates and checking whether exit polls show a Donald Trump-era widening of the “gender gap” between the customary majorities of women for Democrats and men for Republicans. Except […]
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