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Interesting survey on youth research project in the UK


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  • 'Will Roe v. Wade be overturned?' Yes, do take the time to read this excellent piece of journalism
    A conversational, informative lede that draws readers immediately into the story. An impartial, fact-based narrative that quotes intelligent sources on both sides. A solid chunk of analysis from an independent expert with impressive credentials. A Kansas City Star story on the question of "Will Roe v. Wade be overturned?" boasts that winning trifec […]
  • Bias flashback: Should religious leaders risk talking to reporters? (A tmatt response)
    The other day, our own Bobby Ross Jr. wrote a post that included a very strong dose of opinion from a reader. The headline on that post: "Why ignoring a reporter's call probably isn't the best media relations strategy for a religious leader." As you can tell, this is a topic linked to an assumption, and a safe one at that: Many religious […]
  • Cardinal Ted McCarrick, Part II: The New York Times takes a stab at this old story
    I’d heard that at least one major newspaper was at work on l’affaire McCarrick. On Tuesday, there it was: A double-bylined piece in the New York Times. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the now-retired head of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., was famous in his prime for being a mover, shaker and chief fundraiser in the church. He was also a sexual molester of […]
  • This is not clickbait about Tim Tebow's sex life! No, really! Honest! Click here for more
    Stop and think about this for a moment: How wild are things going to get -- in terms of tabloid news coverage -- if the New York Mets call up Tim Tebow? This is not a pipe dream, even though there are elements of PR and marketing that cannot be denied. You see, Tebow has been making real progress at the plate in recent weeks, while marching through the minor […]
  • Anti-Semitism: Journalistically parsing its current upsurge both here and abroad
    I recently spent time in Costa Rica where I was able to visit the nation’s central Jewish “compound” in San Jose, the capital city. My guide was a member of one of the country’s leading Jewish families. I called it a compound — as opposed to a campus — because that’s how it felt. High concrete walls that seemed more appropriate for a military facility than w […]
  • Why ignoring a reporter's call probably isn't the best media relations strategy for a religious leader
    Last week, I critiqued the New York Times' front-page coverage of the "Church vs. Church" immigration debate in an Iowa town. In that post, I lamented that the pastors of three leading evangelical churches in that community "declined repeated requests over several weeks seeking comment," according to the Times. Without a strong relig […]
  • Location, location, location: Where a Supreme Court nominee kneels matters in DC life
    Greetings from Prague, in the Czech Republic. It's kind of interesting to visit a part of the world where the World Cup matters more than the latest tweets of Donald Trump. Needless to say, people do have strong opinions about what Trump is up to, in terms of England, Russia and beyond. That open U.S. Supreme Court seat? Not so much. The assumption is t […]
  • Dear Condé Nast Traveler: Religious details should matter in your stories
    Condé Nast Traveler is what it purports to be: a publication for the rich, discerning and leisure class traveler for whom the word “budget” is not an option. So one would think it would have the money to pay for knowledgeable copy editors Or maybe not. According to glassdoor.com, a fair share of employees report low pay, long work hours, no work/life balance […]
  • Faith-free thinking about aliens: Oxford experts say we probably are all alone in universe
    Near the end of his life, the great Christian apologist C.S. Lewis give a final interview to journalist Sherwood Eliot Wirt. One of the topics they discussed was the possibility of intelligent life on other planets -- a subject that interested Lewis, a fact made obvious in his trilogy of science fiction novels. This is a subject that can be addressed in a se […]
  • Three weekend reads: Another #MeToo case for SBC, faith-based adoption and Bible teacher Jimmy Carter
    After a week in Puerto Rico on a Christian Chronicle reporting trip, I'm still catching up on my sleep — and my reading. Speaking of reading, here are three interesting religion stories from the last few days. The first concerns the latest #MeToo case facing the Southern Baptist Convention. The second is an in-depth analysis of religious freedom vs. gay […]
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