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Sloppy Seconds Sex Ed.


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  • About that Michael Gerson think piece: Why (many) evangelicals got hooked by Donald Trump
    Here is a really obscure fact about American politics that you may not have heard about: Did you know that lots of white evangelical Protestants voted for Donald Trump in 2016? I know. It's really strange, but it must be true -- because it's in all the newspapers, week after week after week after week. As I have noted before, it's true that th […]
  • What's the 'A Wrinkle In Time' news story? Flashback to wisdom from Madeleine L'Engle
    So what is the story with the new Disney version of the classic, Newbery Award winning novel "A Wrinkle In Time" by the late, great Madeleine L'Engle? I'm talking about a news story here. I'm talking about the attempt -- another one -- to make this beloved youth-fiction classic into a blockbuster movie. Why is it is causing discussio […]
  • Moscow speaking: GetReligion reader chimes in on Washington Post, the 'Putin Generation'
    Isn't the Internet an amazing thing? I am old enough that this thought still pops into my mind every now and then, just like in the old days when I would pause in wonder while doing a live chat session online with a friend of mine in New Zealand. Anyway, I would like to flash back to my earlier post that ran with this title: "Dear Washington Post i […]
  • Friday Five: March Madness miracle, faith at the movies, newspaper layoffs and more
    Go ahead and enjoy the video. It's MercyMe's official music video for the "I Can Only Imagine" movie, which opens in theaters nationwide today. Speaking of which, USA Today has an interesting story on how that song became the biggest Christian single ever (selling 2.5 million copies) and inspired the movie. Promoters showed the trailer at […]
  • Scientology gets a TV channel, but rates little more than a yawn in the news coverage
    The Church of Scientology started its own TV channel this week, but coverage of the event -– such as it was -– didn’t come from religion specialists. Instead, it was general assignment reporters who did the job. That left readers with some pretty predictable questions about this story. For example: What about the "why?" factor in the traditional jo […]
  • In reporting on ruling against Down syndrome abortion law, this pesky detail seems important
    Let's consider a mirror-image scenario, as GetReligion editor Terry Mattingly calls it. The scenario: A federal judge, who once served as a local chapter director and board president for the National Right to Life Committee, hears a case concerning abortion. In his ruling, the judge rejects a new state law friendly toward a woman's right to choose […]
  • Dear Washington Post international desk: Does Russia's 'Putin Generation' have a soul?
    I have spent the last several days on the West Coast, hanging out with a circle of journalists from around the world -- think Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, etc. As you would expect, when journalists get together it's rather common for us to talk about the news and, in particular, stories in major media that have captured our attention. #DUH One o […]
  • As year six begins, Pope Francis’s devotion to Mary shows a traditionalist streak
    Liberal Catholics have often rejoiced, and Catholic conservatives have sometimes grumbled, over Pope Francis, who was elected on March 13, five years ago. A Pew Research survey (.pdf here) released in time for the anniversary shows 84 percent of U.S. Catholics over-all have a favorable opinion of Francis -- but 55 percent of Catholic Republicans find him “to […]
  • Stephen Hawking explored the universe: Were the mysteries of his heart newsworthy?
    So here is the question of the day: Does it matter that famed physicist Stephen Hawking was -- as best one can tell from his complex and even impish way of expressing himself -- an atheist who still had moments when he could hint at doubts? Does it matter that the mind that probed the far corners of the universe couldn't handle the mysteries of the huma […]
  • To die or not to die: The New Yorker probes the case of a 13-year-old girl
    Occasionally there comes a story that’s a mishmash of religion and ethics to the point where it’s unclear where one ends and the other begins. Such is this New Yorker piece on Jahi McMath, a 13-year-old Oakland, Calif., girl who went in to have her tonsils removed and ended up brain-dead. Being that one of my daughter’s friends nearly died after a tonsillect […]