Protip: Religious liberty is a civil liberty

Protip: Religious liberty is a civil liberty.


Redefining The Meaning Of Religion : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR

Redefining The Meaning Of Religion : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR.

Finding Meaning in Human Evolution : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR

Finding Meaning in Human Evolution : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR.

1500 year-old ‘ Syriac ‘ Bible found in Ankara, Turkey : Vatican in shock !

1500 year-old ‘ Syriac ‘ Bible found in Ankara, Turkey : Vatican in shock !.

Wil be interesting to follow …

Faith Interview Series: Sikhism | Provoketive Magazine

Faith Interview Series: Sikhism | Provoketive Magazine.

Lovely article about Sikhism, but a little older.  Intersting links along the right side, especially farther down.

The Five ‘Ks’

The Five ‘Ks’.

Hallmarks of devout Sikhs.

Diversiton – Hinduism

Diversiton – Hinduism.

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  • CNN visits eastern Kentucky women, but ignores how majority feels about abortion, etc.
    Not long ago, when I was doing research in eastern Kentucky and Tennessee for my new book on young Pentecostal serpent handlers, some of us -- by which I mean people involved in local churches and local life -- grew to despise what I call journalistic carpetbaggers. Those are the folks from the big city who show up in Fly-Over Land to get at the real truth a […]
  • Holy ghosts in Ohio: Cincinnati Enquirer reports on debate over aborting Down syndrome babies
    So often at GetReligion — here, here, here, here and here, for example — we call attention to the mainstream news media's rampant bias in coverage of the abortion issue. I'm referring, of course, to the longstanding and indisputable problem of news stories heavily favoring the pro-choice side. But guess what!? This isn't going to be one of tho […]
  • Concerning Jerusalem, Donald Trump, Arab Christian anger and, yes, American evangelicals
    Trust me when I say that I understand why so many Christians in the ancient churches of the Middle East are frustrated with America, and American evangelicals in particular, when it comes to the complex and painful status of Jerusalem. As I have mentioned several times here at GetReligion, when I converted to Eastern Orthodoxy two decades ago my family becam […]
  • Bring in the Millennials, Kansas City Star says of churches (But what about old timers?)
    Props are due to the Kansas City Star for noticing that some churches in its area are attracting, and not, apparently, repelling, the young cohort of worshipers that could be grouped under the banner of "millennial." Indeed, the message is up front in the story's headline: "Bucking a trend, these churches figured out how to bring millenni […]
  • Dear reporters: Please read the New Yorker essay about evangelical realities in Alabama
    Now, here is a sentence that I didn't expect to write this week. Here goes. If you really want to understand what has been going on in the hearts and minds of many evangelical voters in Alabama, then you really need to grab (digitally speaking, perhaps) a copy of The New Yorker. To be specific, you need to read a Benjamin Wallace-Wells piece with this h […]
  • New York Times trips on pope's 'Lord's Prayer' story, but Houston Chronicle recovers
    If it is possible to be simultaneously perceptive and as dense as odium, which I believe is the most dense material on the planet, then The New York Times is our winner. Someone decided to head a report on something Pope Francis is thinking about in this manner: "Lost in Translation? Pope Ponders an Update to Lord’s Prayer." Yes, the word "upd […]
  • So, how did believers vote in Alabama? Only white evangelicals were tagged in exit polls
    So, how did the believers vote in Alabama? Did the much-maligned evangelical Protestants, who’ve been criticized by lots of folks for helping elect President Donald Trump a year ago, vote in similarly large numbers for Judge Moore? The short answer is yes. Journalists were all over that question. As for other religious groups (Catholics, non-evangelical Prot […]
  • Yes, we read the Washington Post story on evangelical students who want to be journalists
    For those who have asked, yes, your GetReligionistas read that recent Washington Post story on Liberty University students who want to be journalists. Spoiler alert: It's a positive portrayal (verging on puff piece) of these evangelical Christian students. As a journalism graduate of a Christian university, however, I'm not sure this coverage does […]
  • Was it counseling or confession? A crucial twist in the cold-case murder trial of a priest
    Anyone who has spent much time on the Godbeat knows that religion is complicated and that, when dealing with issues of doctrine and religious law, things can get even more confusing. It's crucial to get the details right, including using the correct words, using these terms accurately and then helping readers understand why these fine details matter. Th […]
  • Trump and Jerusalem: New York Times analysis tells the story behind the headline
    At the end of last week, the front page of the printed version of The Washington Post featured a four-column, above-the-fold photo of tightly framed, silhouetted figures dashing through  billowing black smoke and menacing red flames -- which is what you get when you burn vehicle tires. The headline below it read: “Palestinians, Israeli troops clash over U.S. […]