Points to Ponder

Got questions?  You’re not alone.  Not sure where to begin?  I don’t have answers, but following are a few questions which may help you think about what you are looking for, and where you’d like to go.  The pictures count too!


What does religion mean to me?  Is it a church, the building, the community inside, the religious writings, something larger – or somewhere between all of them?


Is it a change of religion that I am seeking, or a change of church/minister/congregation?  Sometimes there are multiple churches of the same religion and all will ‘feel’ different.


Do I need religion at this point in my life, or is atheism (lack of belief in a god/diety) or agnosticism (belief that we cannot truly know God, or if he/she/it exists) good for me for now?

What am I looking for in a religion?    Answers?  Community?  Social life? Guidelines for life?  Spiritual immortality? Help with life questions?

What do I want from a church? (Not the same question as above!) Does it have to be close, or am I willing to travel to get there, and if so, how far? Does the building need to feel welcoming as well as the people? Does it need volleyball courts and a cafe, or is it enough to have a place to meet? Is it someplace I need/want/plan to hang out with friends?  Do they already belong to a church?


Is the priest/minister/imam/leader more important than the people?  What if the leader’s message is contradicted by others in the congregation?


How important are ‘hot button‘ issues to me? How does religion X feel about … homosexuality / birth control / abortion / environmentalism / gun control / the death penalty / ???  Do I have to agree 100% with the main policy to belong to this church?

What kind of commitment am I willing to make to this religion?  Will I have to tithe? What kind of commitment do I want them making to me?  Am I willing to go to services multiple days a week, or multiple hours once a week, more, less?


I’m a visual person – so I am on Pinterest.  For more potential inspiration, check my Pinterst board on Religion.


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