Poll trolling

Unconvinced?  That’s fine.  Looking for verification/validation?  That’s fine too. You may see yourself reflected in a survey.  There are no wrong questions, only unanswered questions. I run into surveys all the time, so here are some places and links to the results of surveys and polls.

  • PEWhttp://www.pewforum.org/ The grandaddy of all survey sites.  Many, many charts, depending on what aspect you want to know.  From The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life:
  • Religion Among Millenials What young(er) people believe in some detail, text and graphs
  • Nones’ On the Rise – scroll down for chart on religious trends by generation. More people are following no religion each generation; here are the numbers.
  • Many Americans Mix Multiple Faiths – scroll for chart on Eastern or New Age Beliefs. Even for those who don’t leave their religion, a number of them add beliefs which aren’t strictly authorized or authentic to that religious path.Religious_Symbols-ani

Other sites:Screenshot_5_7_13_12_18_AM

  • Beliefnet – answers to questions of all sorts, different ways to look at religion. Top stories, regular columns. Scroll down for menu box of 5 major religions and six different blogs. Cause of the month, loads of newsletters
  • Belief-O-matic  (part of Beliefnet); plug in what you believe, and it tells you where you might fit best. ‘Even if you don’t know what faith you are, Belief-o-matic does’
  • Quizzes (part of Beliefnet)Fairy tales, movie stars, foods of the Bible and more
  • Sacred Texts Online  a great resource; this site has texts for major religions together online.  Religion, mythology, folhdr_sowhat_0612klore and more.
  • SoWhat? Bible study for teens ‘Relating Faith to Life & Life to Faith’



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