Who am I?

Who am I?Manga-me

Librarian. Questioner. Reader. Parent. BA, MSLIS, CAS
So, why should you listen to anything I have to say?  I’ve plainly told you that I don’t have all the answers.  If you were raised on meat and potatoes, how would you know if you like vegetarian food or not? Maybe you won’t, maybe you’ll hate it.  But you should try before you decide you hate a specific food.  I won’t feed you, but I’ll try to tell you what the options are (omnivore, lacto-ovo, vegan) and what some of the foods might be like; seitan can have the consistency of beef, and while falafel sounds funny it is intensely yummy as well as filling and nutritious.

My job, both on this website and as a chosen profession, is that of an Information Professional.
It’s the ‘I’ in LIS; Library and Information Science.  Books are great and wonderful, but they are not the whole of the information buffet anymore.  I want to help.  Specifically I want to help you find the information that you want, to get the answers you want.  It’s the ‘teach a man to fish’ paradigm; I won’t give you a fish, but I will try to teach you to fish.  I am not advocating for anyone to change their religion.  I am also not telling anyone that they should stay where they are.  The choice must be yours.

I wanted to create this resource for everyone who, like me, was a teenager not happy with the religious answers that I had.  If I had found different answers, I might have remained in that church.  Maybe.  It wasn’t a fast decision, but one I came to over time, in fits and starts and backtracking.

I am comfortable allowing you to answer questions because I’ve raised my offspring and yes, they had questions.  I encouraged their questions and allowed them to find their own path(s).  I hope that you find your path, whatever it is, and that hits helped you some little bit.

Religion, language and culture fascinate me.  I have studied the matter, repeatedly.  I will continue to learn because I am interested.  I’m happy (delighted actually) to be able to share what I know and I welcome your questions, which may well further develop my understanding.


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